I Create as I Speak

8mm film, silent

Shown as part of Be The Hammer Or Be The Anvil at GENERATOR Projects, Dundee in 2010 and ABRACADABRA at Glasgow Project Room, 2013. 

The film features a tattoo of the amulet ABRACADABRA being inked onto the arm of the artist's partner.

ABRACADABRA - the magic word, a simple solution of apparently unsolvable phenomena - was originally an incantation providing protection and healing powers.  Synonymous with the Gnostic Abraxas, the word would be spoken while carved or written in line with it’s hebrew translation I create (A’bra) what (ca) I speak (dab’ra).

This new body of work is all about the new body.  Marking, contorting and controlling to create something that exists only really, full and perfect for one brief moment.  Thereby examining, objectifying and fetishising.