Gnommero Multiplicity



Edited by Sarah Tripp and Richard Taylor, Gnommero is a cooporative artists’ publication which presents artists’ and writers’ responses to Italo Calvino’s series of published lectures, ‘Six Memos for the Next Millennium’.  Multiplicity is the fifth and final pamphlet in Gnommero series.

Contribution to the publication in the form of a true ghost story that took place in Venice in 2009

Contributors to the volume are Anthony Schrag Eona McCallum & Kimberley Bright, Giuseppe Mistretta, Thom Walker, Barry Burns, Mairi Lafferty, Laura Edbrook, Simone Hutchinson Conal McStravick, Patrick Staff & Cara Tolmi, Aniara Omann, Chin Li, Emily Speed, Brandon Cramm, Richard Taylor, Lila Matsumoto, Iris Tenkink, Daniella Watson, Kirsty Hendry Lauren Hall, Rachael Disbury, Rebecca Wilcox Lauren Wells, Niel Davidson & Tom Betteridge Steven Paige, Tom Varley, Carrie Skinner, Sarah Tripp, Maria Bojanowska.

As part of the launch Gnommero presented a short history of its making as a cooperative artists’ publication, followed by readings by Mairi Lafferty & Jamie Hogarth, Giuseppe Mistretta, Lauren Hall and Anthony Schrag at Fruitmarket’s Artists’ Bookmarket 2015 on Saturday 21 February.



























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