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KISS THE SHUTTLE An installation that explored the gothic undertones of industrialisation though pattern, code and gesture. Shuttle Kissing is a weaving term to describe threading by sucking the cotton through the shuttle’s tiny ceramic eye. Contrary to the romantic connotations of its name, it was a dangerous practice resulting in scratched faces and broken […]

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An Unsolvable Phenomena

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The Reflective Fault – BLACK HANDS 2013 Digital video with sound Ah-bu-ru-ah-khu-ah-du-ah-bu-ru-ah Ah-bu-ru-ah-khu-ah-du-ah-bu-ru Ah-bu-ru-ah-khu-ah-du-ah-bu Ah-bu-ru-ah-khu-ah-du-ah Ah-bu-ru-ah-khu-ah-du Ah-bu-ru-ah-khu-ah Ah-bu-ru-ah-khu Ah-bu-ru-ah Ah-bu-ru Ah-bu Ah

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ABRACADABRA – the magic word, a simple solution of apparently unsolvable phenomena – was originally an incantation providing protection and healing powers. Synonymous with the Gnostic Abraxas, the word would be spoken while carved or written in line with it’s hebrew translation I create (A’bra) what (ca) I speak (dab’ra). This body of work centers […]

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I create what I speak

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I create (A’bra) what (ca) I speak (dab’ra), uses the an earlier silent film as a starting point.  Re-edited with flashes of colour, the originally unspoken-spell is called back in a game of chid-like phonetics.  Initially performed at THIS FLAG IS A HULL, in Glasgow’s Poetry Club on the 22 June 2013.

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LOVE is a body of work that marks the culmination of a two year research project by Mairi Lafferty into Dundee’s Tayside House, over two years while is was being dismantled. Employing photography, Super 8 film and video, LOVE uses repetition to create a fantasy of a soon-to-be-gone brutalist landmark. In this work architecture is […]

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Journal 34

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A four week on-line journal with Victor&Hester, a Glasgow-based non-profit project that explores relationships between textual, performance and visual art practices through a series of monthly events and journals. For this I chose 4 pieces of work that deal specifically with a codes, often imagined, building a language between my living room window (a regular motif) and […]

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BOY ON BOAT 2012 Digital video of slides with a soundtrack of the New York Subway taken in 2010 A short video-sketch using a box of found slides of a school trip to Skye in 1977. This particular slide was compelling when looked at through the slide-viewer, with your eyes right up close.   Shown […]

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The Flicks

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THE FLICKS 2012 Digital video with soundtrack. Filmed by Jamie Hogarth

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The Light Room

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THE LIGHT ROOM is a film about dislocation. Pattern and repetition take precedence over narrative as the film moves from day to night and vice-versa. Filmed in New York and Oban, it is an exploration of the creativity at the heart of a lie, of the pattern that brings on memory and the disruption that […]

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Be the Hammer…

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BE THE HAMMER OR THE ANVIL, GENERATORprojects, 13 November – 5 December, was an all female group show responding to the notion of fetishism and the female. Taking its title from Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch’s novella Venus in Furs the show aims to explore each artist’s individual approach to fetishism and materiality through newly commissioned bodies of work […]

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In 2009 I was chosen as one of 3 artists to undertake a Newfoundland residency at the Scotland + Venice pavilion during that years Venice Biennale. Newfoundland is an international residency programme for contemporary visual artists, developed and delivered through a partnership between Scottish Sculpture Workshop and Hospitalfield. The underlying theme of the residency was […]

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ABAST 2009 Digital video with sound track The term ‘Abast’ is the point on a ship just past half-way.  Closer to the end than to the beginning.  It is a homage to leaving, imagining the immanent trip, an ever-nearing departure, and projecting it onto the walls of my flat.  The result is a fantasy of […]

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LUNE was a film made during my last year of the MFA at Glasgow School of Art. It tells the story of Mary Toft, a young woman from Goldaming, who in 1726 claimed that a diet of rabbit meet and dreams of rabbits led to a reoccurring monstrous birth of rabbits corpses… The cycle of […]

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